Alex Diaz
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Los Angeles
Anonymous asked How should i get my nails done im going to akiko in nyc! Xx

They have a list of designs in a book!!

Anonymous asked do you attend private or public school? how do you feel about popular people and who do you hang out with?

I go to private. There aren’t really popular people in my school since it’s all girls, I would say we are all pretty equal! And I hang out with friends haha

Anonymous asked have you ever been in a boutique called hardwear??


Anonymous asked I'm trying to find a formal (prom) dress but I have no idea where to look do you have anywhere that you suggest???


Anonymous asked how would you describe your style? I love it though..

I don’t know comfort is key! I don’t exactly know if I have a style since one day I’ll dress preppy, the next super punky, the next I’ll wear workout clothes ahha so I’m just all over the place! Thanks though

Anonymous asked 5 in US size??



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