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AHH THIS IS REALLY SCARY FOR ME so I would appreciate kind words and if you have something mean to say I’d rather you not message me about it, because I have an actual fear of singing for people so yeah. I know I made some mistakes… so sue me, but I literally did in two minutes so my bad. 

p.s-  well I’m sick from coachella so :( and i didn’t want to learn the chords so I just used an instrumental version okay eeeep

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  1. blackivoryy said: the voice of an angel
  2. xluvr said: youre so cute
  3. la-lila said: your voice still sounds pretty young but you have some talent! try some voice lessons to ease your breathing and expand your range, I think you’re on to something! :)
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  5. ahwahreh said: ahhhh this is so good!! you are an amazing singer aw
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